Dunzo Business Model & Marketing Strategy — A Pathway To Riches

What is Dunzo?

Business Model Of Dunzo

  1. Commission Rate- Dunzo charges a specific commission from the
  2. partner store per order; this commission rate can vary from 15% to 30%.
  3. Delivery Charge- Delivery charges range from Rs. 10 to Rs. 60 depending on the distance and the order value.
  4. Surge pricing/ Demand pricing- If the demand in an area increases suddenly, then surge pricing is applied for that area.
  5. Service- Repairs, home service, etc.
  6. Miscellaneous Category- In the words of Biswas, founder of Dunzo, this is called #kuchbhi request. The charge of these categories is decided on the task description. Here is some example of #kuchbhi request:
  7. Take a 20-second video of my house under construction, to ensure the work is going well.
  8. Take a picture of my daughter’s school project.
  9. Get me my jacket from home.

How Does Dunzo Generate Revenue?

Dunzo’s Marketing Strategies

References from Bollywood

Meme Marketing

Hyper-Local Communication


Content in the Mundane

Campaigns and Consistency

Dunzo Funding




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