Business is just like Science You need to do proper research before any business startup. New businessmen can learn a lot from the failures and successes of other businessmen.

What is Byju’s App All About?

Reality can be bleak sometimes and we long for something extra ordinary to perk up our mundane existence. Looking at the world with rose tinted glasses does help in boosting our spirits. Thats where AR filters come in.

The world has changed since March 2020. It is never going to be the same again. Businesses have failed and collapsed by the way side as they didn’t foresee the future.

The grocery delivery business is a highly lucrative sector which exploits the potential of online buying of groceries. If you…

Brazil’s mobile economy is the jaguar of South America — formidable, with a character all its own. It’s the fifth largest country in the world, with 212 million people.

The outbreak of COVID-19 in Brazil during the first quarter of 2020 might have led Brazil’s online population to start changing…

Farooq Rizwan Alvi

Writer | Poet | Romantic | Spiritually Absorbed | Outdoorsy | Talkative | Lust for Life

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